Living in a refined and cultured manner has been a notion for which the world has always admired India. Opulent palaces and homes, adorned with culturally precious artifacts and objects of desire, created and curated with design sensibilities have always attracted the world to India.

Badshahas, Maharajas & the Nawabs had  lived a life out of a fairy-tale of unimaginable  luxury. Erstwhile aristocracy and even at times the common subjects too fancied this lifestyle of their rulers and in admiration lived somewhat a similar life, full of material art and flamboyance. In fact simple objects of daily use that are extinct objects of  opulence and luxury now, are  with a very few families and   collectors as a part of their  personal collection.

Tornos & Indian Studies In a combined initiative organize a not-for-profit exhibition to allow admirers to relate and appreciate these objects of desire. This exhibition, will be open to guests by invitation as a conscious effort to interpret culture, history, religion and lifestyle through the exhibits that will include artifacts, jewellery, paintings, manuscripts and more. While on its sidelines there would also be lectures and workshops to enrich the visitors.